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The process of cleaning your home isn’t always fun. From scrubbing down the toilet to cleaning a stain on the carpet, there are so many things to do.

Luckily, there are some fun things to know about cleaning! Our blog at Lancaster Cleaners looks into 7 fun facts about cleaning your home, giving you more knowledge that you never knew you needed.

1.      Antibacterial Spray Takes 30 Seconds

There is nothing worse than waiting around. Although, if you don’t wait for antibacterial spray to take effect then you may as well not clean! On average it’s recommended that spray is left for 30 to 60 seconds before being wiped away.

2.      Dust is Worse Than You Think

We all know that dust isn’t great, but it’s worse than you think. As well as making us sneeze, it contains more than outside dirt. It’s estimated that dead skin makes up at least 70% of dust. Now you have more of a reason to wipe away any unwanted grime.

3.      People Love Baths

Most people say that the bathroom is their favourite room to clean in the house. Not everybody would agree, especially when it comes to scrubbing down tiles.

4.      Cleaning Burns Calories

Need to go to the gym but have a home to clean? There’s no need to panic! According to research, 2 hours’ worth of cleaning can actually burn 200 calories. Running around with the vacuum doesn’t seem so bad after all.

5.      Lemons Are Your Friend

There is nothing worse than running low on cleaning supplies and realising you need to tidy up. Luckily, lemons have got your back. They contain antibacterial properties which make them just as good as sprays when it comes to disinfecting surfaces.

All you need to do is get some kitchen roll and wipe away. Rub the lemon along the surface you want to clean, wait 30 seconds and then remove any unwanted grime or dirt. Sometimes the surface can be left sticky, so use a damp piece of kitchen roll to combat this.

6. Finland is the Cleanest Country

Apparently, the country of Finland in Scandinavia is the cleanest in the world. The Environmental Performance Index found that they had clean public spaces, low emissions and were using a lot of renewable energy sources. Iceland were in second place and Denmark and Sweden were in the Top 4.

7. Disneyworld Produces A Lot of Laundry

With thousands of people visiting and staying every year, Walt Disney World generates 129,275 kg of laundry each year. This includes their water parks, hotels, theme parks and resorts around the world. To put this into perspective, that’s the same weight as 100 tall polar bears.

Help With Cleaning

If you need help with cleaning around your home or business, feel free to get in contact with us.

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