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We’ve all fallen victim to the temptation of online hacks. They’re all over social media feeds and take advantage of us when we’re tired. However, there are some bad cleaning hacks out there that you should ignore.

At Lancaster Cleaners our domestic cleaners are committed to cleaning your homes correctly. When it comes to your property, we only ever use the best techniques.

Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook

These social media platforms are the most common places for hacks. From clothing design to make up tips, everybody has been making suggestions. However, there are some particularly bad suggestions when it comes to cleaning.

As well as being useless, some of these ‘helpful tips’ can cause damage to your possessions.

1.      “Vinegar and Soda removes everything!”

Nobody is saying that these items aren’t miracle workers. Used in the right way, vinegar and baking soda can be great for cleaning. However, when mixed they do not work. The two cancel each other out and leave you with a salt water combination.

2.      “Ink stain? Use hairspray”

Some of you may be thinking that this trick has worked in the past and it may have done. However, as modern day hairspray no longer contains 100% alcohol, this trend no longer works. With additions of oil, conditioners, and emollients, the popular product can’t remove stains.

If you do need to remove a stain, then you’re better off leaving the hairspray to one side. In some cases the substance will cause more harm than good. It can leave a tacky mark behind, ruining your fabrics.

3.      “Mouthwash cleans a washing machine”

As a dental favourite, mouthwash is ideal for killing unwanted germs. On the other hand, it is not strong enough to clean your washing machine. For effective cleaning you should use a dedicated cleaner. This will be tailored to remove limescale and other unwanted grime.

4.      “Lemon in your dishwashing makes dishes cleaner”

Citrus fruits smell lovely and taste great in drinks. In fact, some people on Pinterest believe that the fruit is a natural disinfectant. While putting a lemon wedge in the dishwasher may make your dishes smell lovely, it won’t impact the cleanliness of them.

The best solution for sparkling dishes is traditional washing up liquid or dishwasher tablets.

5.      “Use olive oil and lemon juice as a polisher”

When it comes to wooden furniture, you need to take care of it. Covering the surface with olive oil and lemon juice does just the opposite. You’ll be left with a tacky substance, causing you more cleaning. Who wants that?

Another urban myth is the use of teabags to clean furniture. As well as not doing any cleaning, this hack could cause potential staining.

Taking Care of Your Home

The best way to avoid any issues is to use domestic cleaners that you can trust. Whether that’s by researching the best products available or by outsourcing your cleaning, there’s always a better way.

Here at Lancaster Cleaners we’re always available to help. Our team can come to you and make sure that your property is as good as new!

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